Lube / Hydraulic Oil Rentals

Our rental units for lube oil systems range from 5 gpm to 20 gpm.  
depending on the clients needs we can offer a wide range micron requirements from 3 micron to 25 micron all depending on the clients needs and requirements.

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Gear oil Rentals

Our gear oil units are designed for thick oil like gear oil. Due to the oil specifications these units are slow and efficient.

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Water Removal Unit

Our water removal units are specially designed to remove water and particulate.  These units are easy to use and depending on the quantity of water in the oil these are the most cost efficient to use.

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With every rental we have their is a questionnaire sheet and contract agreement to be signed before leaving our shop. 

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Delivery of Rentals

We provide delivery for the unit to site.  There is a small charge for units depending what is required for rental and distance. Our philosophy is that if it arrives on your site by our tech we can guarantee it will show up on-site in working order.  

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Some Pictures of the rentals that are available!!