Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Program

A filtration unit is of paramount importance when removing contamination such as particulate, silica, metal, rust, ingress contamination and water before it gets into your equipment and causes damage.  Once the contamination has occurred the cost for removal can be astronomical due to the damage that it may have caused.

Guay Enviro Solutions is set apart from the competition with his proprietary designs and expertise.  Guay deploys several specialized filtration units in the field that can provide the ability to filter lubricants that have either been stored for extended periods of time or flush equipment to eliminate the harmful debris. Alternatively, these units may also be used on oil that is already in service. By using portable filtration you can easily address your immediate filtration and lubrication filtration needs while continuing to operate your equipment. This enables you to take proactive measures to maintain the health of your lubricant.

All of our technicians are professionally trained on the equipment they operate and service.  In addition, the procedures are customized to the specifications set out by your company. 

Why wait until you have a problem with a machine, this is called reactive maintenance! Why spend more than you have to on equipment maintenance?


Less Unexpected Equipment Failures

Decreased business downtime and closures due to equipment failure.

Increase Equipment Life Expectancy

You will spend fewer dollars on equipment repairs at the end of the day.

Reduced Safety Risks

Less accidents means less WCB and liability costs. 

Less Energy Consumption

Increased operational efficiency reducing your utility bills.

Less Staff Downtime & Resources

Being on top of your equipment needs ensures that you are ready for unpredictable events.

Need Lab Results, We Have You Covered

Guay utilizes the services of Agat Laboratories and Fluid Life to process samples accurately and swiftly when client requires laboratory results.

Expert Sampling Techniques & Professional Sample Reviews

Results are only as good as the technicians operating the equipment.  You are in good hands with the expertise and experience of Guay's Professional Technicians by utilizing their portable particle counter for real time results.

Elements Of Our Preventative Maintenance Division 

Time - Based Preventative Maintenance

Creating a monthly or annual maintenance schedule that complies with manufacturer recommendations for inspecting  and cleaning equipment keeps the health of your equipment on track.  Examples of tasks performed will include oil sampling, inspections, filtering the oil to spec and recommendations. 

Usage -Based Preventative Maintenance

All machinery needs maintenance to operate efficiently and optimally.  If your business uses specific machinery or equipment daily, it is important to track usage such as number of hours it is being operated, number of production cycles, and monitoring equipment.   Being proactive with care and maintenance will ensure longevity of your most important asset - your equipment. 

Prescriptive Preventative Maintenance

Our team of experts will make recommendations to improve system operations, problem solve existing processes to improve efficiency, and oversee the entire process.

Prescriptive maintenance works  by detecting functional issues before failure, and prescribing corrective action options to mitigate the problem. Prescriptive maintenance is a philosophy that uses the equipment’s operating condition to make data-driven decisions and improve quality, productivity and profitability. This approach significantly improves the effectiveness of the maintenance organization as well as minimize maintenance spending. 

Customized Maintenace Program Design

Our in house staff customize programs to meet your companies needs.    We will assist you in determining which areas of your business and equipment to target for preventative maintenance, determine goals, plan and  schedule maintenance and establish your program baseline.  With our semi annual reporting of your services, you can easily track your program at a glance.